Frequently Asked Questions


Does the Structural Numerical Research Center hold Basic and Advance online courses?
Yes, we hold many training courses every year at the request of engineering, industrial and academic centers.


Does your institution also participate in industrial projects?
Absolutely! At Structural Numerical Research Center, we regularly offer Basic and Advance online courses upon request from engineering, industrial, and academic institutions. Additionally, we actively participate in industrial projects related to mechanics, structures, and geotechnics, and have a track record of successfully completing numerous industrial contracts every year.


Does your institution participate in academic projects and research?
Yes, our institute collaborates with various universities worldwide on academic projects and research. We are committed to advancing the field of structural, mechanical, and geotechnical engineering and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.


What are your specialized software?
While the research team at Structural Numerical Research Center has expertise in a wide range of numerical simulation software, we specialize in several key software programs that are widely used in the industry. These include:ABAQUS (A finite element analysis software used to simulate the behavior of materials and structures under different loading conditions), ANSYS (A multiphysics simulation software used for structural, fluid, and electromagnetic analysis), SAP2000 (A structural analysis and design software used for modeling, analyzing, and designing various types of structures), FLAC (A geotechnical analysis software used for modeling the behavior of soils, rocks, and other materials in response to various loading conditions), LS-DYNA (A multiphysics simulation software used for analyzing the behavior of structures, fluids, and other materials under high-speed impact or explosive loading conditions), These specialized software programs allow us to provide advanced numerical simulations and solutions to our clients, whether they are in the academic or industrial sectors.


Do all numerical models presented in the product section have videos?
No, not all products have videos readily available. However, upon request and payment of the video production fee, we can provide videos for any of the models within one week.


How to cooperate with Structural Numerical Research Center?
If you are interested in numerical modeling and simulation for engineering sciences, you can send your resume to our official email. Our colleagues will contact you soon.