Analysis of Concrete Column Eccentrically Loaded using ABAQUS


This numerical sample is produced and validated based on a laboratory sample. The results of the comparison of two samples indicate that numerical assumptions and simulation have led to acceptable results. Using this educational product, you can see the contour of the cracks and stresses caused by eccentrically load. CAE and JNL, Result  and CDP Excel files and Journal Paper are provided to you by purchasing the product. You can edit and run Model using Abaqus 6.14.1 or higher versions.


Welcome to Structural Numerical Research Center, where we provide numerous numerical models to assist scientists and researchers from all over the world in improving their engineering knowledge. Our latest offering, the ABAQUS model for Concrete Column Eccentrically Loaded, is based on a laboratory sample and is a valuable tool for simulating the behavior of concrete columns.

Our model has been developed using an approach to describe full model FEM analysis, which ensures accurate and reliable results. By evaluating this numerical model, you will be able to simulate any type of concrete column using ABAQUS and extract the contour of stresses, strains, forces, displacements, and concrete cracks.

Our team has carefully considered the mechanical behavior of concrete material, which is a continuum plasticity-based and damage model. The model has also taken into account the unique features of the three methods provided by the Abaqus material library for simulating concrete behavior, and we have chosen the most appropriate method for this particular model.

In conclusion, the Concrete Column Eccentrically Loaded model is a powerful tool that enables you to accurately simulate and analyze the behavior of concrete columns. We encourage you to explore our other products related to concrete structures on our website. If you’re looking to increase your modeling knowledge in Abaqus software, the best reference is the software help, along with the tutorials available on our website. Please note that visitors should read the terms and conditions section before making any payment. Additionally, we would like to inform you that this product does not come with a tutorial video.

Concrete Column Eccentrically Loaded
Concrete Column Eccentrically Loaded
Concrete Column Eccentrically Loaded
Concrete Column Eccentrically Loaded


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