Cyclic Analysis of Reduced Beam Section Member


This numerical sample is not based on a laboratory sample. If you are interested in analysis of steel structures, it can be a suitable and affordable model for your studies. CAE + JNL files are provided to you by purchasing the product. You can edit and run Model using Abaqus 6.14.1 or later versions. for more detail please read the below description.


Cyclic Analysis of Reduced Beam Section Member using ABAQUS

The “Structural Numerical Research Center” provides numerous numerical models to assist scientists and researchers all over the world. For last 13 years, we have always aimed to improve engineering knowledge and develop the findings. Reduced Beam Section Member (RBS) connection utilizes a circular radius cut in both top and bottom flanges to reduce the flange area and therefore the plastic moment capacity over a length of the beam near the ends of the beam span. This connection was developed to assure greater reliability of steel beam-to-column connections and connections are an important part of steel structures and are designed more conventionally than any individual members.

Hence, modeling of steel structures focusing on their connection behavior has always been of special interest to researchers. The main question for prediction the behavior of these structures is; What is the structural yield/ultimate strength? How are the ductility parameters? Indeed, to answer these questions, it is necessary to measure numerous numerical models along with laboratory samples, and one of the most accurate methods is numerical modeling using Abaqus.

This Product:

This ABAQUS model (Cyclic Analysis of Reduced Beam Section Member) is not based on a laboratory sample. The model is describing Full FEM analysis of Steel Structures Connection using ABAQUS for simulating behavior of steel structures. By evaluating this numerical model, you’ll be able to simulate any type of such connections using this software and extract the contour of stresses, strains, moment and rotation. You can watch summary of our tutorials in our YouTube channel. Thank you in advance for subscribing us. You can also find more products about steel structures at the link. Keep in mind that to increase your modeling knowledge in Abaqus software, the best reference is the software help, along with the tutorials / models on our website. Please note that it is important to read the terms and conditions section before making a payment.

Cyclic Analysis of Reduced Beam Section Member
Cyclic Analysis of Reduced Beam Section Member


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