Analysis of Semi Rigid Bolted Connection


This numerical sample is produced and validated based on a laboratory sample. The results of the comparison of two samples indicate that numerical assumptions and simulation have led to acceptable results. Using this educational product, you can see the contour of the forces, displacements and stresses caused by related moment and rotation. CAE and JNL Abaqus file, Excel files and papers are provided to you by purchasing the product. You can edit and run Model using Abaqus 6.14.1 or later versions. for more detail please read the below description.


Structural Numerical Research Center provides a wide range of numerical models to support scientists and researchers worldwide. With a commitment to advancing engineering knowledge over the past 14 years, we offer this ABAQUS model for the Analysis of Semi Rigid Bolted Connections.

A semi-rigid bolted connection is a type of connection between structural elements, often used in steel structures. Unlike a fully rigid connection, where there is no relative movement between the connected elements, a semi-rigid connection allows some limited rotation or deflection between the connected elements. This can be beneficial in design as it allows for a better distribution of loads and stresses between the elements, leading to more efficient and cost-effective structures.

Semi-rigid bolted connections typically involve a bolted end plate, with a series of bolts connecting the plate to one of the elements, such as a beam or column, and then a welded angle or cleat plate connecting the end plate to the other element. The level of flexibility in the connection can be adjusted by varying the number and size of the bolts used and the length of the welds. The design and analysis of semi-rigid bolted connections is a complex task that requires a detailed understanding of the behavior of the individual components and the interaction between them. Numerical modeling, such as the ABAQUS model offered by the Structural Numerical Research Center, can be a valuable tool in this process. Based on a laboratory sample, this product features a full FEM model for simulating the behavior of semi rigid bolted connections. By evaluating this numerical model, you can simulate any type of bolted connection using ABAQUS and extract the contour of stresses, strains, forces, and displacements. Images of the meshed connection geometry and stress contours are also provided to help visitors visualize the connection’s behavior. Please note that this product is coming out without a tutorial video. We recommend that visitors read the terms and conditions section before making a purchase.

Semi Rigid Bolted Connection
Semi Rigid Bolted Connection


Semi Rigid Bolted Connection
Semi Rigid Bolted Connection


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