Steel Plate Subjected to Underwater Explosion using ABAQUS


This numerical sample is based on a laboratory sample. The results of the comparison of two samples indicate that numerical assumptions and simulation have led to acceptable results. Using this educational product, you can get the contour of stresses, force and displacement caused by underwater explosion. CAE and JNL Abaqus file and Result Excel files are provided to you by purchasing the product. You can edit and run Model using Abaqus 6.14.1 or later versions. for more detail please read the below description.


Steel Plate Subjected to Underwater Explosion using ABAQUS

The “Structural Numerical Research Center” provides numerous numerical models to assist scientists and researchers all over the world. For last 13 years, we have always aimed to improve engineering knowledge and develop the findings. An underwater explosion (also known as an UNDEX) is a chemical or nuclear explosion that occurs under the surface of a body of water. This phenomenon has destructive effects on structures and fortunately finite element software such as Abaqus can simulate it.

In ABAQUS, spherical pressure waves associated with an UNDEX event are characterized by two distinct phases. The first, very short, phase is the initial wave produced by the detonation. It involves a very steep rise to a characteristic pressure value, followed by a more gradual decay. In the second phase of the loading the gas produced by the explosive expands to a maximum volume, at which the pressure of the surrounding fluid forces it back upon itself. At some minimum volume the gas and fluid system emits another pressure pulse, and the gas bubble expands again. This process may repeat many times, causing several pressure pulses. As the gas bubble oscillates, it also acts under the effects of buoyancy, causing an unsteady motion opposite to the force of gravity.

This Product:

This ABAQUS model (Steel Plate Subjected to Underwater Explosion using ABAQUS) is based on a laboratory sample. The model describing Full FEM analysis of Underwater Explosion considering SSI. So, by evaluating this numerical model, you’ll be able to simulate any type of this phenomenon and extract the contour of stresses, strains, force and path displacements. You can watch model description below. Please note that visitors should read the terms and conditions section before making a purchase. We hope that this educational product will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in such phenomenon, and thank you in advance for subscribing to our YouTube channel. You can also find more products about steel structures at the link. Keep in mind that to increase your modeling knowledge in Abaqus software, the best reference is the software help, along with the tutorials / models on our website.



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